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South African Band Created the Song “Zhangjiajie”

“Zhangjiajie, we are from all over the world to you… to share our culture and our souls. From the countryside music to rock, we are wonderful together…” Not many people would have thought that this country music song “zhangjiajie” was meticulously created by South African band.

This music band is called South African drum art troupe, which is South Africa’s famous country music art troupe. They can show different ethnic songs, dances and music shows of South Africa. Through it, people can see the African national characteristics, with strong interactive situation. The troupe has repeatedly taken part in Chinese international folk art festival. And in South Africa pavilion of the shanghai world expo, their performance was warmly received by Chinese and foreign audience.

International country festival permanently settled in zhangjiajie in 2009, which received a number of countries to actively participate in.South Africa was particularly active in this program.

South Africais known as the “rainbow nation”, which has a variety of music style. In the first singles, the wild beauty of South African drum band left a deep impression on the majority of tourists. In the second singles, the jungle band’s performance with aboriginal song and dance still made a lot of memories on the audience.

Translated by Sophia