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Sino-Mongolia One-day Border Trip Resumed

Due to the jointly effort by China and Mongolia, Sino-Mongolia one-day border trip is officially resumed after the suspension for 32 months.

The Sino-Mongolia one-day border trip was launched in 1992, and was suspended in 2009 due to the problem of travelling certificates. Linking Erenhot in China and Zamin-Uud in Mongolia, the newly designed one-day tour gathers the highlights of tourist attractions.

According to the authority from tourism administration in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the certificate needed for one-day border tour between China and Mongolia was resumed from 17th May this year. Visitors with legal documents are allowed to enter for tour across the border.

Situated in north China, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is well renowned for the vast grassland, the characteristic Mongolian yurt, as well as the customs of the Mongolians. Hulunbuir Grassland, Horqin Grassland and Xilingole Steppe cover Inner Mongolia from east to west with yurts dotted on the boundless grassland and horses gazing leisurely.