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Siberia Tiger Park is the largest natural park for wild Siberian tigers in the world at present. The park was firstly opened on January 23, 1996, in order to preserve this rare and valuable animal- Siberia Tiger.

Covering an area of 1,440,000 square meters, the Siberia Tiger Park is situated on the Northern bank of Songhua River and near to the Sun Island Park. The Park is the home to over 500 Siberian tigers but only 100 can be observed by visitors. It consists of five sections: Adult Tiger Garden, Adult Tiger Breeding Garden, Tiger Cub Garden, Lion Garden and the Walking Area. Visitors can see the different ages of tigers.

As the world's largest Siberian tiger breeding base, besides the Siberian tigers, the park raises white tigers, lions, ligers, jaguars, wolves and other wild beasts. People can visit pedestrian area and car dealers area in the park, to witness all aspects of the Siberian tigers’ lives.

After enter the park, you may take special vehicles fitted with iron bars (for protection purpose) to be driven to car dealers area. Along the way you will see flocks or single Siberian tiger, white tigers, lions and other wild beasts. Visitors can watch tigers from quite near and appreciate the adventurous and exciting events from the special tourist car which is surrounded by strong steel mesh. The Siberia Tiger Park wardens have prepared a series of live animals to train their wild charges; as a result, tourists can buy the animals to feed tigers according to their own preferences and economic conditions. There are lots of choices, such as chickens, ducks even cows. Chicken is the cheapest one. This activity has been very popular with both domestic and foreign tourists.

After about 20 minutes’ driving, you will reach the pedestrian zone, where is mainly to see Siberian tiger, lions, leopards, etc. in case. You can even get a chance to see little tigers.

At the entrance of the Siberian Tiger Park, there is a free Siberian tiger science museum, where you can watch a detailed display of a variety of specimens, pictures and text information on the tigers. You can learn more about this valuable specie.

Travel Guide 

• Address: No.88 Songbei Street, Songbei District, Harbin 150028, China
• Opening hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
• Best time to visit: June to August, December to next February
• How to get there: taking a taxi is the most convenient way to get there. One can also take Public Bus No.35, 122, 123 and then get off at Hu Lin Yuan Station