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Ready for a Full Swing Tourism Development in Hongjiang Ancient Town

The launching ceremony for developing and protecting cultural tourism resources of Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town was held on the afternoon of May 19. Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Zhou Qiang declared the launching.

At the launching ceremony, Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., which is co-financed and jointly set up by Hunan Daily Press Group, Management Committee of Hongjiang District, Fenghuang (Phoenix) Ancient Town Tourism Co., Ltd., Dahan Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd., and Deputy of the National People's Congress Xie Zilong, was officially settled down in the town.

The company will be dedicated to protecting and developing cultural tourism resources of the ancient town. A golden combination of administrative sources, historic preservation, tourism development, and media communication is expected to be realized by integrating resources in tourism, media and industry.

Priorities will be given to the renovation and protection of the town, thus better exploring its culture and publicizing the town.