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Qinghai-Tibet Train Resumes

Train K9811/2 resumes from Xining in Qinghai to Lhasa in Tibet from June 8, connecting the two provinces of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau during the summer tourism peak.

Train K9811/2 departs everyday with K9811 starting from Xining at 22:00 and arriving at Lhasa 21:40 the next day; while K9812 departing from Lhasa at 17:00 and arriving at Xining at 16:00 the next day.

Like each Lhasa-bound train, the train between Lhasa and Xining is also especially built for the high altitude environment and equipped with advanced facilities. The train is tightly sealed to keep the inside air pressure normal. Besides, all the carriages are installed with double-paned windows and ultraviolet filters to protect passengers from ultraviolet radiation.

As a plateau railway with the highest altitude, Qinghai-Tibet railway travels through the most magnificent and pure attractions, deserving the name of golden itinerary for those who want to explore the splendid and mysterious Qinghai and Tibet.