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Qinghai Lake Ecological Museum opened

Qinghai Lake Ecological Museum opened to public on August 8th in Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province.

Covering an area of 12,800 square meters, Qinghai Lake Ecological Museum is an important project under a total investment of 100 million yuan. The museum follows the logic of "Birth-Growth-Now-Future" and shows comprehensively the beautiful natural scenery, important ecological value and deep cultural background of Qinghai Lake.

The museum consists of five exhibition halls, including Magical Qinghai Lake Hall, Ecological Qinghai Lake Hall, Colorful Qinghai Lake Hall, Humanities Qinghai Lake Hall, and Harmonious Qinghai Lake Hall. Each exhibition hall makes full use of modern technical means to present vivid pictures of the beautiful natural scenery and harmonious man-and-nature relationship.