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Qinghai Lake and Mt. Anyemaqen Elected National Geopark of China

Qinghai Lake and Mt. Anyemaqen in Qinghai province were elected National Geopark of China.

Qinghai Lake National Geopark hosts abundant geo-heritages, diversified landforms, lakes, rivers, wetlands and desert. It is a combination of rich geological scientific connotation and various tourism resources. Qinghai Lake and ancient shoreline are created by long time of geological process, which is significant in geomorphology. According to the research, Qinghai Lake National Geopark owns 34 geological heritage destinations, two of which are world-class heritage sites.

With the altitude of 6282 meters, Mt. Anyemaqen is Amdo's most sacred mountain. Mt. Anyemaqen is attractive for its unique land formation, and spectacular waterfalls resulted from millions of years of geological movements. The changeable climate and various species of wild animals are also highlights of Mt. Anyemaqen's uniqueness. Composed of 13 peaks with the average altitude of 5900 meters, Mt. Anyemaqen is thought to be a holy mountain among Tibetan pilgrims. Legend has it that there are wise and kind-hearted mountain gods, who always protect the natives from evil spirits.

There are 218 National Geopark sites in China including 20 some UNESCO designated Global Geoparks, such as Huangshan Geopark in Anhui, Mt.Lushan Geopark in Jiangxi, Mt.Taishan Geopark in Shandong, Stone Forest Geopark in Yunnan and so on.