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National Key External Promotion Project “Ecru China” in Zhangjiajie

On May 23 to 24, National large-scale key external promotion VR “Ecru China” film and television project can view in the world natural heritage site Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic area. The chief team will shoot here in mid to late June.

During the period of Wulingyuan, the group has inspected Wulingyuan Tianzi mountain, Yuan Gujie, Huangshi village, ten miles galleries, Zhangjiajie charming xiangxi grand theatre natural humanities attractions. Such magical landscapes are enchanted by the unique culture, which becomes an important “Business card”.

Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan occupies an important position in the project. “Ecru China” said they would make detailed plan as soon as possible to complete Wulingyuan section. The entire project will use the art of leading technology, the international language and frontier audio-visual experience to build the boundaries of VR platform and make gifts to provide important foreign affairs activities, letting the world know beautiful Zhangjiajie.

“Ecru China” will create a series of high quality VR shows, which aims to further promote the Chinese culture, to show the good national image. VR is virtual reality experience different from traditional audio-visual media. It is not only the fusion of visual art and auditory art, but also more emphasis on 360 ° panoramic view sound field and immersive immersive experience.

Translated by Sophia