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“Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie” comes into Hot-season in advance

On March 16, Learned from the world natural heritage site Wulingyuan Huanglong scenic spot, grand folk culture “Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie”  attracts 50,000 tourists from home and abroad. Every night, it will be at least two shows, and compared to last year, it comes into the hot tourism season in advance.

Tourists after watching “Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie”  feel very satisfied. This program enriches the cultural tourism products of Wulingyuan, shows romantic, folk culture and micrometer mystery in Zhangjiajie.

The personage inside course of study analysis, “Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie”  program is more and more popular. As well as with its stage art and the perfect combination of modern technology, Huanglong scenic area in recent years makes great brand promotion of tourism market. It is understood that in “Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie”  theme song “I sing in the high mountain” shows in the avenue of stars of CCTV. Rio Olympics last August, misty rain in Zhangjiajie tujia brocade scenario has been moved to the opening ceremony theatrical performances, letting the world feel amazing.

Translated by Sophia