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Ming Tombs Open 6 More Tombs

Since January 1st 2013, Ming Tombs will open another 6 tombs besides Changling Tomb, Dingling Tomb and Zhaoling Tomb. Tourists have to make an appointment if they want to visit the newly opened tombs.

According to the administration, the 6 newly opened tombs are Yongling Tomb, Kangling Tomb, Maoling Tomb, Tailing Tomb, Deling Tomb, Qingling Tomb, all of which are under thorough protection. Ming Tombs scenic area administration will also promote half-day tour, one-day tour and two-day tour, leading tourists for the experience the mysterious tombs. Tourists can pick one to two tombs for visiting.

The Ming Tombs, located in north-northwest of Beijing, form the most extensive burial complex of any Chinese dynasty and are one of the finest preserved pieces of 15th century Chinese art and architecture.