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Midui glaciers(Chinese name:
) in
Tibet, located in
Nyingchi area about 100 km east of Yupu town Midui village. It is the most important type Marine glaciers in Tibet, is also the world's lowest glacier, and rewarded by
China National Geography as one of the six most beautiful glaciers in China. At the end of the glacier on both sides of the mountain towering piton, snow-capped mountains and clouds interweave together, what make people exclaiming. Climbing icebergs have certain requirements to physical strength, so need to bring food and water supplies, and be sure to keep warm.


Midui glaciers located 110 km east of Bomi county, and it is in Midui village, Yupu town, Bomi county which is only 10 kilometers from the No.318 national highway to glacier scenic spot, and form Midui village to glacier scenic area has more than 2 km distance. The main peak of Midui glacier is 6800 meters above sea level; snow line is only 4600 meters above sea level, and only 2400 meters above sea level at the end. Midui Glacier is one of the most important glaciers of Tibet type Marine glacier, and it is also the world's lowest glacier. Because the ice surface is warm, there are ice worms, fleas and other animals living in the surface. The latitude of Midui glacier is.
29 °N, but the end of the glacier is lower than the latitude of 44 °N of Bogeduo glacier in Mount Tianshan. This is a special phenomenon of China's modern glacier, and the Himalayas have close relation with the climate of southeast segment of the Himalayas.


Bomi County, Nyingchi, Tibet (110 km east of Bomi County is Yupu town Midui Village, and form Midui village to Bomi county has more than 90 km distance.)


Midui Glacier near the Sichuan-Tibet highway what is accessible, charter a car from Bomi county or Ranwuzhen town about 2 hours to Midui village, from the scenic spot doorway to glacier there are about 7 km, about 3 hours on foot, by driving 20 minutes.


From Chengdu, Qamdo, Nyingchi there are buses going through Wuzhen. And there is Youth Hostel in the town, 20 Yuan for each bed with hot water to bath. If you take SUV you can go directly to Midui Village. From the village to Migui Glacier there is just 2 hours, and you can go back Wuzhen for accommodation in the evening.


Going from Ranwuzhen towards Bome County for fifty kilometers you can up to Midui village,
and from the village to Migui Glacier there is just 2 hours on foot.

In the village you can look for a person to lead the way to the glacier, if you want them help you with your heacy luggage, better giving those 20 Yuan. During the golden week, the village will charge the arrival of tourists for 15 Yuan per person, and giving back a printed receipt to the tourists. Midui village has no restaurants and hotels, if you are lucky you can stay in the locals house for accommodation.