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Longest Tibetan calligraphy scroll donated to Potala Palace

A 206-meter Tibetan calligraphy scroll was donated to the Potala Palace in Lhasa on 24, Dec, which is believed to be the longest Tibetan calligraphy scroll in the world.

Two Tibetan artists, Gemang Jambae and Nyanshon Doje Toinzhub took four years to complete this scroll. A total of 177 styles of Tibetan calligraphy were written on the scroll and some of them have a 3000-year history.

Sonam Wangden, vice head of the Potala Palace management office said the scroll, "showed the imagination of the Tibetan people, as well as evolution of the Tibetan characters. The Potala Palace is a museum of Tibetan culture. We will try our best to preserve the scroll, and display it to visitors."