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Largest Public Parking Lot in Hunan Changsha

The largest public parking lot in Changsha, Hongtaiyang (Red Sun) Parking Lot in Kaifu District was officially opened to the public on the morning of April, 27.

Opposite to the west gate of Changsha Martyrs' Park, the parking lot can hold 300 cars, covering a total area of nearly 10,000 square meters.

This move will effectively ease the severe parking space shortage neighboring Changsha Martyrs' Park and Hunan Provincial Museum.

Furthermore, the transportation on Furong Road, Dongfeng Road, Xiangjiang Road, Yingpan Road, Xiangya Road and Sanyi Road in Furong District is so heavy that those roads can be easily blocked.

In order to alleviate the parking pressure, parking lots are specially set up near these areas.

Till now, 16 public parking lots containing 1,724 spaces in the district have been opened for public use, making sure that there is at least one public parking lot in each of the eight sub-districts.