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Jeju Air Launches South Korea-Zhangjiajie Flight

Jeju Air's Boeing 737-800 flight carrying 167 South Korean tourists arrived at Zhangjiajie Lotus Airport from Busan, South Korea, at 0:40 on May 4, 2013. This is the first direct charter flight launched by Jeju Air between Zhangjiajie and Busan.

The flight, coded as 7C8981/7C8982, lasts until June 28, and is scheduled on Tuesday and Friday.

Following Eastar Jet, Korean Air, and Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air Korea is the fourth South Korean airline to join in Zhangjiajie's international airline operation. It is conducive to the cultivation of South Korean tourism market and internationalization of Zhangjiajie's air port.

Tourists from Busan, South Korea are getting off the plane.

South Korean tourists are waiting for check-in in a queue.

Translator: Lv Xuefen