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Japanese Jiubao Anhong Wing-man Challenges Tianmen Mountain

On May 9th, Japanese wing outfit flight athlete in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain finished the first wing outfit flight challenge. This is the first wing outfit flight for him in China.

Jiubao Anhong in wing outfit flight movement for 34 years, holds a professional pilot’s license. He has created under 18 items of flying the guinness book of world records. He is on behalf of the low wing outfit flight athletes in Japan. Because of the difficulty and risky of wing outfit flight movement, after Chinese wing outfit flight player Shupeng Zhang, he is the second Asian player to challenge Tianmen Mountain.

Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain, since 2011 has hold dozens of wing outfit flight related activities, events and challenges. For the grand natural landscape and characteristic flight routes, it becomes the world’s wing outfit flight ultimate challenge place for the athletes.

For this challenge in Tianmen Mountain, he is very careful. Challenge before, he has watched the video of the Tianmen Mountain wing outfit flight world championships, he has also carefully inquired the flight experience of athletes. Official flight before, in order to be more familiar with air line, he has also made a special test, finally successfully completed the challenge.

The challenge, Japan large television documentary “The soroeru – flying in the beautiful China” has recorded all the procedure. The program will broadcast in Japan in late this year.

Translated by Sophia