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Hunan Shaoyang Suining to Celebrate Girls' Day

Activities celebrating Miao people's traditional “Girls' Day” will be held in Hunan's Suining County on May 1-5,2017.The theme of these activities is "Beautiful Girls Living in a Miraculous Oasis".

The traditional event includes the following highlights:


Time: At 6:00PM, May 2

Venue: Suining National Hotel

Activity: Holding a large banquet; Visitors will join in the Miao people's "Maypole" dance with married Miao women who returned their parents' home. 

Opening Ceremony and Evening Gala

Time: At 8:00PM, May 2 (Tentative)

Venue: Indoor stadium of Suining Sports Center

Activities: Poverty alleviation-themed stories telling and folk performances

Southwest Hunan Specialty Festival and Commodity Fair

Duration: May 2-5

Venue: Dahan Commercial Street

Activities: All E-commerce businessmen in southwest Hunan will be invited to the fair to promote the area's local specialties, tourism products, local delicacies and intangible culture heritage through online/offline channels. 

Traditional Handicrafts Making in Zhaishi Town

Duration: May 1-3

Venue: Zhaishi Town

Activities: Participating in folk performances such as taigushi (A folk performance integrating story-telling,painting,opera,silk figure,paper art,and acrobatics) dragon dance;traditional handicrafts making including paper-cut,embroidery,carved preserved fruit,and silver ornament.

Freestyle Sports Competition in Dayuan Miao Village

Duration: May 1-3

Venue: Dayuan Miao Village

Activities: Holding sports events such as wife-carrying contest and stilt race; presenting folk customs including lanmen wine (A polite way to greet guests),ciba (Glutinous rice cake) making,and straw dragon dance. 

Forest Tour in Huangsang Valley and Folk Customs Experience

Duration: May 3-4

Venue: Huangsang Valley scenic area

Activities: Guest greeting ceremony and worshipping rituals of Bana tribe.

Origin of the Festival

The festival is observed to commemorate Yang Li'niang, an ancient Miao heroine of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Specific to Miao women only, it is normally celebrated in the Hmong regions of Hunan Province, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and Guizhou Province that are near to Suining County. The festival was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2008.