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Hunan Holds 4th Tour de Xiangjiang River Cycling Race Finals

The Final of the 4th Tour de Xiangjiang River Cycling Race was held in Changsha on December 12. Over 300 players from Professional Men’s Team, Amateur Men’s Team and Women’s Team participated in the competition.

Zuo Jianqiu, one-armed player from Xiangtan, said that he felt happy when finishing his competition even though he could not obtain any position. He enjoyed the journey more than the destination since cycling is not only a good  physical exercise but also important for mental fitness.

According to Chen Jianmin, secretary-general of Hunan Cycling Association and initiator of Tour de Xiangjiang River Cycling Race, 3 national champions have emerged from the competition since its founding in 2004.

Chen stated that the competition aimed at carrying out the programs of national fitness and environmental protection, as well as promoting low-carbon life.

Translator: Wang Xiaolu
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal