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Hunan Culture Shines at Shenzhen International Cultural Fair

The 7th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF) was commenced in the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on May 13, 2011. Hunan's cultural industries shined at the fair.
Themed with "Digital Hunan with Powerful Culture", the province's exhibition halls are engaged in presenting the advantages of cultural industries, films and cartoon games, intangible cultural heritage, news and publishing, etc. The exhibition aimed to promote the province's achievements of digital communication, digital publishing, cartoon games, internet and new digital media, highlighting the integration of science and technology and cultural industries.
A series of distinctive activities were conducted in Hunan exhibition halls. For example, hi-tech projects presented by the Voice of China Online Media Co., Ltd. under the Hunan Daily Press Group appealed to a lot of visitors. Many national intangible cultural items were also displayed, including Shaoyang indigo printing fabric, Xiang embroidery, engraving skills of chrysanthemum stones, and firing craftsmanship of under-glaze colors porcelain.
The awarding ceremony of the First Hunan Top Ten Cultural Events and Top Ten Cultural Figures of 2010 voted by netizens was held.