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Hongkong old man He Huan visits Zhangjiajie 62 times

On March 2nd, Hongkong old photographer Mr He Huan has just appeared in Zhangjiajie Huanglong hole ecological square, recognized by staff eagle-eyed scenic spot. The 85-year-old Mr He Huan has introducted, so far he has been Zhangjiajie for 62 times.

Mr He Huan now is a faithful fan of Zhangjiajie. Almost every year, he visits the core scenic spot to take pictures, or leisure vacation. For 35 years, he took tens of thousands of images of Wulingyuan spring, summer, autumn and winter, sentimental scenery. He held his own expense “Zhangjiajie scenery photography exhibition” in Hong Kong, guangzhou, shenzhen, to make his spare no effort to contribute to the second home Zhangjiajie.

“Strive for to Zhangjiajie one hundred times!” High spirit of Mr He Huan admitted. Every time, he can feel Zhangjiajie spring scenery infinite beauty. He said to Wulingyuan, both inside and outside the traffic was more convenient, more perfect infrastructure, and landscape connotation was more abundant. He hopes that Zhangjiajie tourism can be better and more prosperous.

Translated by Sophia