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Hebei Tourists will have a Boom for Zhangjiajie Traveling

On March 18th, knowing from 2013″zhangjiajie tour guide ten thousand-mile walking” shijiazhuang introduction meeting, shijiazhuang to zhangjiajie flight will be opened on March 31st. Combined with the opening of the beijing-guangzhou rail, at the end of last year, hebei tourists will have a more convenient travel to zhangjiajie.

Shijiazhuang to zhangjiajie flight is grasped by the spring and autumn airlines. It will be resumed on 31st this month. It will be on Monday and Thursday. Shijiazhuang to zhangjiajie flight number is 9C8549. It starts off at 15:55off from shijiazhuang, and arrives in zhangjiajie at 17:55. Zhangjiajie flight number is 9C8550 to shijiazhuang, starting off at 18:40 in zhangjiajie, and arriving in shijiazhuang at 20:35 points.

Translated by Sophia