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“Happy Xiaoxiang, Happy Wulingyuan”Cultural Event Officially Initiated

On May 28th, Event–“happy Xiaoxiang, happy Wulingyuan” is officially opened in Xibu Street–National 3A scenic spot. Nearly thousands of citizens, students and tourists from home and abroad attend the happy and hilarious ceremony.

On the launching ceremony, Zhangjiajie Jinrui Tourism Development Limited and Baofeng Lake company perform many literature and arts sports programs, such as Miao drums, folk song solo, waving dance and Tai Chi, etc.

This activity is aimed to display Wulingyuan cultural activity outcomes and boost the development of community culture, campus culture, rural culture and barracks culture, which will further enhance Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan’s popularity, reputation and influence and make new contribution to build into a district with strong culture and a international tourism and leisure resort.

The literary performance activities for the masses of “happy Xiaoxiang, happy Wulingyuan” consist of the literary and arts performance for the masses and native joint songs. The former includes Tujia and Bai nationality dance, Zhangjiajie folk songs, dragon rdance, lion dance and folk singular skills, to name but a few.

Translated by Crystal