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Happy Chinese of CCTV to Shoot Travel Program in Zhangjiajie

From Sept.3 to 4, 4 staff from Happy Chinese program of CCTV4 inspected Zhangjiajie. The camera crew will visit Zhangjiajie again to shoot a travel program during the upcoming International Country Music Week. The program will be broadcast in Asian, American, and European versions to audience around the globe.

Happy Chinese is a special TV show promoting Chinese language and culture, lasting 15 minutes. From May 31, 2010, Happy Chinese taught the practical Chinese in touring around China to audience.

During the inspection tour, the camera crew visited Yellow Dragon Cave, Baofeng Lake, Emperor Mountain (Tianzi Mountain), Yuanjiajie, Golden Whip Stream, Huangshizhai, Tujia Folk Custom Park, and so on. They were not only interested in natural scenery but also the cultural phenomena including Hand-Waving Dance of Tujia people, Chinese giant salamanders, and the guardian for the clouds of Tianzi Mountain.

Producer of Happy Chinese Wang Feng said that all staff have gained a lot from this trip. And he believed that Zhangjiajie’s natural beauty and colorful folk custom will be fully presented through Happy Chinese, which can further promote Chinese to foreigners and attract them to Zhangjiajie.