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Hangzhou Cuisine Museum Opens to Public

The Chinese Hangzhou Cuisine Museum opens on March 20, 2012 in Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang Province. Covering an area of 12,470 square meters, the museum specializes in presenting the culture of Hangzhou cuisine and visitors can learn its history, features and cooking techniques.

The museum exhibits some 110 cultural relics related to the Hangzhou cuisine, a branch of the broader Zhejiang cuisine, as well as nearly 200 lifelike artificial dishes. The museum also features Hangzhou cuisine workshops and restaurants to demonstrate the food culture of Hangzhou to a greater extent.

Hangzhou cuisine is the representative of Zhejiang cuisine. It emphasizes fresh, sweet flavors and makes good use of freshwater fish, especially eel and carp; frequently involves cooked meats and vegetables in combination. A delicately seasoned, light-tasting mix of seafood and vegetables often served in soup. The common materials used in the dishes are fish, shrimp, ham, bamboo shoot, lotus root, tea leaves, snow vegetable, the skin of soybean milk, etc.