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Guangxi Ethnic Relics Center (Chinese name: 民族文物苑) is a platform for visitors to get close touch with the
Guangxi minorities. It is a brand new way to exhibit the ethnic culture that this center is an outdoor exhibition. Guangxi Ethnic Relics Center features relics, folk buildings, ethnic flavor, and folk customs of four minorities, Zhuang, Dong, Yao, and Miao.

The entrance of Guangxi Ethnic Relics Center melts the ethnic culture that built into a bronze drum model. Typical buildings of several minorities can be seen here, such as dwelling houses of Zhuang people, bamboo buildings of the Yao's, houses constructed on water by the Miao people and finally, the drum-towers of Dong people. Their daily utensils and handicrafts are also displayed in each respective model house. Various folk performances will be shown during festivals. This is where one can fully appreciate the enchanting and unique customs of the minorities of Guangxi.

Whilst there, one can also visit several workshops that demonstrate extraction of oil and sugar, rice grinding, paper and pottery making, etc, each of which is unique on its own. On top of that, tourists visiting the Miao building will be treated to its unique folk dishes.