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Guangdong Museum Opens Ancient Egypt Civilization Exhibition

On December 20th, Guangdong Museum opens an exhibition of the Ancient Egypt Civilization. The exhibition will last till March 20th. In the three months, people can experience the splendid Ancient Egyptian civilization. Guangdong Museum will also provide a few academic lectures and interactive activities for the visitors.

During the exhibition, a total of 235 pieces of cultural relics of ancient Egypt, including mummies, stone caskets, amulets and godly statues are shown to the public. The cultural relics can be dated back to the period between 22th century BC and 1st century BC, which showcase the daily life, religious beliefs and funeral culture of ancient Egyptians.

The precious relics on the exhibition come from Egyptian Museum of Turin in Italy, which is the first Egyptian Museum to be established. It houses one of the largest collections of Egyptian antiquities, with more than 30,000 artifacts.

Guangdong Museum is a provincial general museum, which is founded in 1959. With a land area of 43,000 square meters, Guangdong Museum’s main exhibition space consists of a room for historical artifacts, a room for nature, and a vernacular art exhibition area, which together house the museum's permanent collections. Temporary exhibitions are updated frequently for the public, offering visitors a chance to appreciate foreign art works.