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As the highlight of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is the highest and longest glass-bottomed bridge in the world. It stretches 430 meters (1410 feet) long and 6 meters (20 feet) wide, hovering over a 300-meter (984-foot) vertical drop. The dizzying footbridge spans between two cliffs in the national park of Zhangjiajie. It's opened on August 1, 2016 and has gained another name of Yuntian Du, meaning the way for people under heaven.


Designed by Israeli Haim Dotan Architects, the bridge is capable of holding 800 persons at a time. Standing on it is like floating in the air and it provides a superb panorama of the entire Grand Canyon. It is a super runway for fashion shows as well. At the middle of the bridge, tourists can achieve the dream of flying like the Spider Man from the world highest Bungee Jump point.

How to get to Zhangjiajiajie Glass Bridge

If traveling from Zhangejiajie downtown, we highly recommend tourists to take the direct bus from Zhangjiajie Long-distance Bus Center to the Grand Canyon. It is about 50 kilometers and takes about an hour to get there.

If traveling from Wulingyuan Scenic Area, the most convenient way is to take the shuttle bus from Wulingyuan Bus Station to Cili and get off at Grand Canyon. It is about 15 kilometers and takes about 40 minutes. There are signs showing the way the the Glass Bridge.

How to Explore Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

How to purchase tickets

There are three kinds of ticket. Ticket A for Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is CNY 121. Ticket B for the canyon and Glass Bridge is CNY 259 plus CNY 3 insurance fee. Ticket C for Glass Bridge is CNY 138 plus CNY3 insurance fee, and it’s free for children less than 1.3 meter high.

Since this awestruck but charming glass bridge is so hot and has been long expected by numerous people from home and abroad, the canyon officials stipulate that there are 8000 people per day and 600 per time at most to visit the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge. Hence, it’s highly recommended to book a ticket from the official website as early as possible, especially during the peak season. The ticket remains available 1 day to 2 months prior to the visit date. Valid ID certificate like passport is required for both booking the ticket and entering the scenic site. Please enter the site during the set time, otherwise the ticket will automatically turn invalid.

How to Get There

Tourists can take one-way cable car up to the Glass Bridge, costing CNY35. The cable car upper terminal is only 10 minutes’ walking away from the Glass Bridge.

Recommended Visiting Time

40 minutes to 1 hour is recommended to explore the Glass Bridge, especially for photographers. As it’ too popular, tourists will need wait in line for about half an hour, so be patient.

Recommended Tour Routes

Route B includes Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon and Glass Bridge, starting from 6:00am to 16:30pm. After breakfast, tourists will visit the Glass Bridge first, then spend about 2 hours hiking to explore the Grand Canyon. After lunch, tourists will visit Yellow Dragon Cave or Baofeng Lake. Route C includes Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, starting from 16:40pm. Tourists will be back to hotel at 18:50pm.

Opening Time

The Glass Bridge opens during 7:30am-17:30pm every day.

Tips on the Bridge

Tourists who choose Route B will go down the mountain via elevator directly after visiting the Glass Bridge, then hiking about 2 hours in the Grand Canyon. In the afternoon, tourists will visit other scenic spots, like Yellow Dragon Cave and Baofeng Lake.

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Vs. Skywalks of Tianmen Mountain

The Glass Bridge is located in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon and there is no steel structure in the bridge which is made entirely of glass. Skywalks are located in Tianmen Mountain, about 85 kilometers away from the Grand Canyon.

Ways of Visiting
Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is a suspension bridge, hanging over a valley. And there is a bungee platform in the middle. Tourists could walk from one cliff to the other, or stand in the middle to appreciate the Grand Canyon. Tianmen Mountain skywalks are inserted to the mountain cliffs, with a height of 4700 feet above the sea level. Tourists could walk along the cliff.

Different Views
The Glass Bridge offers a thrilling feeling as well as a perfect panoramic view of the vast canyon below. Bungee is available if tourists want to try, and it will bring a different wonderful view. The Skywalks offer breathtaking views when tourists are on the top of Tianmen Mountain, like walking in a fairy land when the mist is still heavy.

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is 430 meters in length. There are three glass skywalks on Tianmen Mountain: the glass-bottom viewing platform, Guigu Glass Plank Road and the newest skywalk Coiled Dragon Cliff. Coiling Dragon Cliff skywalk is 100 meters long while the rest two skywalks are 60 meters long.

Tips to Walk on the Bridge

  • It will be closed on a rainy day.
  • Do not bring pointed articles and high-heels. Shoe cover is needed.
  • People having heart disease, acrophobia, psychosis, drunkenness, depressive disorder and physical disability are not suitable to visit the glass bridge.
  • Do not jump or run on the bridge.
  • As it has been listed as an important place of anti-terrorism and explosion-proof, strict security measures have been taken. So leave belongings at the hotel or in the bus beforehand to avoid the hassle of fetching it, especially for those choosing Route B with belongings.
  • Prohibited articles: liquid substance, cup(vacuum cup, glass), crutch, camera, vidicon, UAV, IPAD, laptop, tripod, pet, inflammable and explosive articles, toxic article, corrosive, radioactive, metal hard objects, hard objects above 250 grams, controlled knife, gun, weapon and oversized bags, etc. Any adjustments is up to notices released by scenic spot.

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