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Gigantic Buddha thangka display in Gansu Province

Lamas and Buddhists attend the annual ritual displaying of a gigantic Buddha thangka alongside a hillside at the Labrang Monastery in Xiahe County, Gansu province, March, 3, 2015.

Thangka is a painted or embroidered Buddhist banner hung in a monastery or a family altar. They are usually rectangular in shape but vary in size. The Buddha thangka display, or the basking of Buddha, is a Tibetan Buddhism traditional praying for a good year.

As one of the six leading monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism, Labrang Monastery is home to more than 1,000 lamas and is another center of the Gelug Sect (also known as the Yellow Sect) of Tibetan Buddhism outside the Tibet Autonomous Region. Labrang Monastery is noted for its exquisite architectural art and brilliant religious culture. It is also the highest Tibetan Buddhist institute of learning in northwestern China.

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