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Gardening Design Contest Comes in Beijing

The Fragrant Hills Park will host the second Gardening Design Contest, the competition will be held during the 11th Mountain Flower Festival which runs from mid-April to mid-May.

Participants are going to design and make a mini square garden measuring 2x2 meters. The design draft together with a photograph of the finished garden will be submitted, accompanied with a 200-word document introducing the design.

Flowers used for the contest will be provided freely by the park. The park has prepared a large variety of flowers to meet the demand of the gardeners, including wax begonia, African touch-me-not, petunia, Iceland corn poppy, and Senecio cineraria.

A total of 15 candidates would be chosen from the first round competition, their designed gardens will be set up in front of the Cuiwei Pavilion in the park.

Fragrant Hills Park opens from 6am-6:30pm.