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French jewellery to showcase in the Beijing Palace Museum

An exhibition of a range of French jewellery displays at the tower gallery of the Meridian Gate in the Palace Museum in Beijing. More than 300 pieces of jewellery, paintings and various French artworks, from the late 18th century to the early 21st century, will be featured at the exhibition. The exhibition started on April 10 and will last till July 2, 2017.

Major exhibits will include the sword used by the Emperor of France, Napoleon, when he ascended the throne, and the diamond crown designed for Empress Marie-Louise, who was Napoleon's second wife and Empress of the French for four years from 1810.

The Palace Museum curator Shan Jixiang said the exhibition will be special as the artistry on show has been passed down from generation to generation, moving through social changes and fashion evolvement, and viewers will be touched by the "craftsman's spirit" in each piece.