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Frence“Iron Man”Eager to Challenge 300 Cliff in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

“Iron Man”and famous climber Majin(Michelle Casanova), who once successfully climbed Zhangjiajie’s Dragon Ladder on May 18th, comes to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon for sightseeing. Intended to relax for days before coming home, he wants to challenge Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon unarmed, when seeing the splendid canyon precipices with cliffside springs.

When Majin comes to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon scenic spot, he thinks highly of the 300 meters sight canyon precipice and holds that “it is a pleasure as well as a enjoyment to challenge the steep cliff”. He also claims he would like to challenge the sight precipice unarmed without any preliminary experimental training.

During the sightseeing, Majin feels incomparable relax and enjoyment amid flesh air, green trees and limpid streams and feels as if came to a land of idyllic beauty. He expresses that as a movie star, except climbing the cliff, he wishes to shoot a film become attached to Zhangjiajie in Grand Canyon.

Translated by Crystal