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Fragrant Mountain Embraces Tourism Peak

Beijing Fragrant Mountain Red Leaves is embracing its first tourism peak this week with the daily tourists number reached 650 thousand. Thanks to the ample rains this year, the red leaves blossoms to its most beautiful extend. The Fragrant Mountain enjoys the colors red, green and golden, attracting visitors from home and abroad.

It is the best season to view red leaves from the Mid-October to the first ten days of November. The Fragrant Mountain Red Leaves are concerned with the horse-hoof shaped landform of the Fragrant Mountain, and with the effect of temperature caused by the rising altitude as well. And, at this time, thousands of hectares of maples on the sloping field are so red that you would mistake them for fallen petals if looking from a further area, and not until you get close to them could you recognize them as elliptical leaves.

There are ten best positions to view this beautiful sight, the best of which is a small pavilion at the top of Mount Senyuhu, where you may take a bird’s eye view on a gorgeous picture that on the slopes far and close, the bright red, pink, scarlet, and peachpuff leaves are distributed in distinct layout, with some green pines and cypresses dotted in between.