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Ferris Wheel (Eye of Tianjin) is a 120-metre (394 feet) tall giant ferries wheel built above the Yongle Bridge (formerly Chihai Bridge), over the Haihe River in Tianjin, China. It is claimed to be the only such wheel to have been constructed over a bridge in the world. It is known as one of the landmarks of Tianjin City.

Tianjin Eye is one of four 120 m Ferris wheels in China, along with Zhengzhou Ferris Wheel (completed 2003), Changsha Ferris Wheel (completed 2004) and Suzhou Ferris Wheel (completed 2009). The only Chinese Ferris wheel with a greater height is the 160 m (525 feet) Star of Nanchang, which opened in 2006.

The construction of the Tientsin Eye started in 2007, with completion of the main body on 18 April 2008. And on April, 2009, the wheel was opened to the public. When it was completed, only160 m (525 feet) Star of Nanchang, the 135 m (443 feet) London Eye and 165 m (541 feet) Singapore Flyer were taller than it. The diameter of it is 110 meter.

Eye of Tianjin is electrically powered and has 64 passenger capsules. Each capsule is able to carry 8 passengers, giving a maximum capacity of 768 passengers per hour. And it takes 30 minutes to complete a rotation. When the capsule reaches the highest site, passengers can see the beautiful nether scenery within 40 kilometers. So it is called the Eye of Tianjin.

If you would like to see the night view on the ferry wheel, make sure you go on a clear night and you can see the whole city of Tianjin! It takes about 30-40 minutes to finish the ride and it is lovely. At night it all light up just, so beautiful to watch. It would be very romantic while being in the capsule of the ferries wheel and enjoying the beautiful scenery outside. 

How to Get

→ Take Bus No.1, 4, 12, 18, 34, 609, 610, 611, 619, 632, 641, 646, 659, 670, 671, 818, 878, 904, etc. and get off at Jingang Bridge Station → Take Bus No.5, 37, 161, 606, 635, 642, 653, 657, 658, 687, 801, 824, 836, 855, 906 and get off at Beidaguan Station.