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Fenghuang Crowded with Tourists during Tomb-Sweeping Festival

As tourists visiting Fenghuang will be required to buy tickets beginning April 10, millions of tourists swarmed into the ancient town during the three-day Tomb-Sweeping Festival. The town met its highest visitor peak on April 5, with many “No Vacancy” signs hanging outside hostels and hotels.

From April 10, Fenghuang will adjust the current tourism service management system by charging a standard 148 yuan to enter the greater scenic area instead of offering tickets to individual scenic spots. A visitor to the old town said that he thought the 148 yuan entrance ticket is reasonable and expressed his hope that effective moves will be made by the government so that the money earned would be used toward the management and conservation of the old town.

On the first day of Tomb-Sweeping Festival, Fenghuang received 31,600 tourists, a year-on-year rise of 69.89%; however, only about 2,000 tourists bought tickets to scenic spots. “Figures like these put a great deal of pressure on the entire ancient town.” said Cai Long, deputy chief of Fenghuang County.

Translator: Yin Xiaodong

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal