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Father of Avatar(zhangjiajie) tipped to take a trip to the Moon

One of the world’s top directors, a sci-fi aficionado–James Cameron–has been tipped to become the first tourist to take a trip to the Moon.

The man behind the two highest-grossing blockbusters in history, Avatar and Titanic, has reportedly purchased a $150 million ticket from Space Adventures, a US company organizing exclusive trips to the International Space Station.

Only two seats on board the flight of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft are reportedly up for grabs, with the highly-anticipated flight scheduled to take place in 2015.

Canadian-born Cameron has been dreaming of space for years. Back in 2000 he had reportedly passed a number of medical exams to get fit for a historic flight to Russia’s landmark Mir space station. Needless to say, the trailblazing Hollywood director was planning to go on the space mission with his camera.

He has maintained friendly and professional ties with the team of Mir scientists since 1997, when the experienced Russian explorers were involved in shooting of Titanic.