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Experience center of the intangible cultural heritage opens in Beijing

Opening in the Qianmen area on 10th December, 2016, China's first intangible cultural heritage (ICH) interactive experience center presents traditional crafts in modern way, and provides experience, training and custom-tailored services.

This center is nearly 2,000 square meters with varieties of display areas, such as Peking Opera performance area, cultural creative products display area, tea and wine tasting area and other areas for visitors to experience weaving, dyeing, stone carving, embroidery, etc.

On this display, visitors have opportunities to communicate with national-level ICH masters about esoteric artistry. Moreover, visitors are able to create artworks with the help of masters, or purchasing masters' creative artworks. There is a collection of more than 800 national-level ICH masters' creative artworks that visitors can purchase.