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Enormous Guests Coming to Zhangjiajie Mount Tianmen after Rain

According the source from Zhangjiajie Official Website, the sun shone again after rain in Zhangjiajie Mount Tianmen. Lays of sea of clouds floated in the green mountain, attracting a lot of guests and shutterbugs’ attention. With the upcoming of hot summer, more and more people will take Mount Tianmen as a great place to avoid summer heat.

Mount Tianmen is the highest mountain in Zhangjiajie whose temperature on the top is 6℃ or 8℃ low than its downtown. In summer, it is a Shangri-la with luxurious trees, gurgling trees and cool wind.

Because of its high latitude, the sunshine duration of Mount Tianmen is longer than its downtown, thus guests can enjoy such a miraculous feeling. Due to the frequent rain water, Mount Tianmen have put its staff on patrol to their best effort, made precautions for possible flood and disater and cleaned away fallen leaves and gravel timely.

By Emma