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December: Debut of Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station

Located in the west part of the new train station square in Guan Li Ping Street, Yongding District of Zhangjiajie, the new-built Central Bus Station which is invested by Zhangjiajie Economic Development Investment Group, covers an area of 300-odd mu (approximately 20 hectares) with a main building of 8000-odd square meters.

Enjoying a 2000-odd-capacity waiting room and a 300-odd-capacity parking lot, the new bus station is designed to reach a passenger flow volume of more than 15,000 in rush hours. It is a huge step forward in terms of bus station construction concerning its well-equipped facilities.

Aiming at mitigating downtown traffic congestion, scientifically and reasonably arrange routes for regular passenger vehicles, promoting the quality of service of the city as well as of passenger transport, and meeting the transportation requirement of both its citizens and tourists, Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station will be officially put into use on Dec. 18, 2011 under the decision of Zhangjiajie Municipal Government.

Tourists coming by train can directly make a transfer on shuttle bus after the start-up of Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station on Dec.18.

Translator: Xiaoli
Source: Zhangjiajie Official Web