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Dashilan'er (also known as Dazhalan West Street), one of Beijing's oldest commercial streets has re-opened following intensive renovations that lasted for over one year and cost 93 million RMB. Dashilan'er is located in the Qianmen area, south of Tiananmen Square in the heart of Beijing. The "new" historic street has retained the traditional appearance of ancient Chinese buildings. The main Market Street is concentrated with small vendors and ancient shop fronts, transporting visitors back to a time when this area served as the main hub of commerce over 600 years ago.
The renovation concentrated on the major buildings along the western section of the street. One of the oldest shops on the street is Qingyunge, or the "Blue Cloud Pacilion". It was one of the four department stores in Beijing in the late Qing dynasty. Many famous political and literary figures once dined and shopped there. Besides such major architecture, there are also multiple small vendors along the street, selling various local snacks.

Dashilan'er is not only intended to showcase China's traditional culture and rich history to foreigners, but most of the visitors are actually Chinese people who see this re-development as an opportunity to reconnect with China's rich historical past. It is hoped that the new street will bring new business to the area, hence spurring the area’s economy and contributing to its development.