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Contributed 11 million yuan to Fenghuang Ancient Town (phoenix)

Huang Yongyu, the famous Fenghuang-born painter, acclaimed as "wizard of the painting circle", contributed 11 million yuan to Fenghuang Ancient Town (phoenix).This money would be utilized for the construction of four landscape bridges over Tuojiang River. The launch ceremony in this regard, was held at Chengbeimen Dock of the ancient town on April 10, 2011.

Planned to be completed within this year, the four bridges are named "Fengqiao" (Wind Bridge), "Yuqiao" (Rain Bridge), "Xueqiao" (Snow Bridge) and "Wuqiao" (Fog Bridge) respectively by Huang Yongyu. They are located at the Dixi Section of Fenghuang, the Hongyanjing Section, the Baoziwan Section and Shen Congwen Graveyard Section. Constructed in the archaized style, and inscribed by the well-known painter Huang Miaozi, the bridges gel with the mountain, water and city landscape of Fenghuang County, boosting its convenience and artistic value.