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CNN Rated Zhangjiajie as One of Most Beautiful Scenic Spots in China

Recently,CNN,the world famous American cable news network, rated the most beautiful 40 scenic spots in china. Zhangjiajie was on the list in the forefront of the natural landscape.It called Zhangjiajie“the reality version of the floating mountain.”James Cameron,the director of the global hit Oscar–winning film, Avatar,frankly spoke that the fantasy scene,that is,the floating mountain which was originated from Zhangjiajie gave him inspiration and provided him with a prototype.The issuers once also said,“Zhangjiajie made an unneglectable contribution to achieving the world’s highest box office record of the film”.

Avatar introduced Zhangjiajie in a new angle. Besides, it offered a great many mountains in the area a new nickname, that is,“Pandora’s floating mountain”.Since the release of the film, European guests have increased year by year. It is said that Zhangjiajie is possibly becoming an option for another important scene in Avatar 2, which is very suspending.

Translated by Crystal