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China Tourism Day, Tourists give a thumb to Huanglongdong free scenic area

On May 19th, The seventh China Tourism Day, at weekend, in Huanglong hole ecological square, many citizens and tourists are in an endless stream and are in succession to be delighted to have such a beautiful scenic spots for free.

Early summer, Huanglong hole ecological square is a vibrant, bright scenery. Red pomegranate flowers, pink bulrushes flowers dress up the scenic spot. The green seeds in paddy fields and a wide variety of vegetables let people find a wonderful scenery.

Huanglong hole is located in the valley ecological square, which covers an area of 150 mu. The ecological harmony, the local cultural experience and pastoral scenery are the main window. In 2008, Huanglong hole ecological square got “Chinese architectural environment art award”, becoming a model in the scenic area. Now, Huanglong hole ecological square has become a dazzling cultural card of Zhangjiajie, which is also a new landmark of Zhangjiajie ecological cultural tourism. It is a good leisure place for the general public and tourists.

Translated by Sophia