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China Highlights World Tourism Expo

Environmental cooperation between Italy and China took center stage at the World Tourism Expo held in Italy. With the theme of harmonious tourism, of emotions and memories, the expo is sponsored by UNESCO, to provide the two countries with an opportunity to present details of the projects they have undertaken to protect environment over the past decade.

This year's expo featured a special presentation about China's spectacular Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas in the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan. The UNESCO site features the upper reaches of three great rivers in Asia, known as the Yangtze, Mekong and Salween, which run roughly parallel through steep gorges that are up to 3,000 meters deep.

UNESCO recognizes more than 960 World Heritage sites that are considered an intrinsic part of the world's cultural, natural and intangible heritage. China ranks the third, with 43 UNESCO recognized heritage sites.