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China Eastern Airlines Launched Hamburg-Frankfurt-Shanghai Flight

The first direct flight from Hamburg to Shanghai (with stopover in Frankfurt) was launched on August 30 by China Eastern Airlines. The airline will fly from now on once a week between the Chinese metropolis and the second-largest city in Germany.

Airbus A330-200 with 262 seats will be used in this new route. Every Monday, Flight MU297 departs from Shanghai at 23:55(Beijing time) and lands after a brief stopover in Frankfurt at 14:50(Beijing time) on the following day in Hamburg. Flight MU298 will fly on Tuesdays from Hamburg to Shanghai with a stopover in Frankfurt. The plane leaves Hamburg Airport at 18:30 (Beijing time) and arrives at Shanghai Pudong Airport at 7:00 (Beijing time) the next day.

In addition, this new route is scheduled to operate two flights every week since November 1st this year, and the travelling between Hamburg and Shanghai will be more convenient and effective.