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Charming Xiangxi “Chasing love” tells a story of perfect true love

On February 14, a special “lovers set” was performed for the audiences at Xiangxi Great Theater, Zhangjiajie.   Every couple, no matter what their nationality or region, (including citizens in Zhangjiajie city) could buy one ticket and receive the other free. When “chasing love” was performed, a series of interactive sessions were added, such as “couple talk about Chasing Love”, “love for a lifetime”. In order to enhance the festive atmosphere, Valentines’ Day gifts like roses and chocolates were also given out.

According to the director, since the time “Chasing Love” was performed by Zhangjiajie “Charming Xiangxi Art Troupe” at CCTV Spring Festival Gala, it has been a hot topic of discussion for many lovers. An incomplete statistics show that since February 10, Charming Xiangxi Great Theater has attracted nearly a thousand audiences per day, among which couples and lovers account for over 30%.