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Ceramic, bronze and silk shown in Beijing Capital Museum

Jiangxi province is showcasing some of its most precious cultural relics at the Capital Museum in Beijing for the first time. Almost half of the 160 items are first-class national treasures. They include bronze wares, ceramics, jade wares, silks, calligraphy and paintings. The exhibition opens from 9 am to 5 pm until May 25.

The first of the three sections in the exhibition is dedicated to bronze ware from the Shang Dynasty (c. 16th century-11th century BC), which were unearthed in Dayangzhou in Jiangxi in 1989. With 475 bronze weapons and agricultural tools, the discovery unveiled Jiangxi's social prosperity even before the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220). It also provides abundant material for the study of the development of China's bronze ware.