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CCTV Explores Guigu Cave in Tianmen Mountain

In early July, camera crew from Geography of China Program of CCTV filmed the geology series in Tianmen Mountain i, with the theme of “exploring the secrets behind the formation of Tianmen Cave (Heavenly –Gate Cave) and the shadow -casting of Guiguzi who was the legendary hero as well as the master of Sun Bin, cultivated himself according to Buddhist doctrine in Guigu Cave”

During the shooting process,all cameramen were stunned by precipitous and magnificent Tianmen Mountain and would  never forget the experiences of filming Guigu Cave. As one of 16 caves in Tianmen Mountain, Guigu Cave hangs on the cliffs with a height of tens of thousands meters. All things in the cave still remain a mystery up to now.

Explorers are well prepared for exploration

Located in a precipice of western Tianmen Mountain, the cave is about one hundred meters away from the top of mountain, facing a bottomless abyss. The only way to the cave is to climb down by rope.

Explorers are climbing down by rope

When exploring the cave, the explorers carefully inspected all places where they can reach in the cave. And they discovered some small holes and large amounts of undeveloped stalactites. Furthermore, they found out two mysterious sights.

The first one is some traces of human being’s activities left in the cave, with a stone-made stove and rest platform. How did the people come in here? Is he Guiguzi? Another is the only one painting showed in the crag inside the cave, which is not like the painting that discovered by civilian adventurers many years ago. Possibly the painting has changed as time passes by, or the explorers didn’t find the real shadow of Guiguzi this time. This has to be verified by geological experts.

A stone stove and rest platform left in the cave

The left painting is the shadow of Guiguzi and the right one is discovered this time.  

After 18 hours of adventures, those brave adventurers come back to the ground safe and sound. What they have gained from this exploration will become the precious video materials for researching Tianmen Mountain and Geography of China Program.