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Campaign to Protect the Xiangjiang River Kicks off in Yueyang

Youth's Campaign to Protect the Xiangjiang River was launched in Yueyang City, north of Hunan Province, on March, 5.

Four charity ambassadors, namely Li Guowu, Zhu Zaibao, Wang Yonglin and Wang Feng made their debuts on the ceremony. And they received letters of appointment from Xu Xinqi, director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee and Song Aihua, vice mayor of Yueyang City and other leaders.

Wang Yonglin read the written proposal to protect the Xiangjiang River at the launching ceremony. He called on local youth and citizens to pay close attention to and involve themselves in the campaign. He asked them to promote the concept of modern ecology and commit themselves to the protection and building of a favorable ecological environment.

Charity ambassadors and municipal leaders took the lead in writing down their names, thus initiating the ten-thousand-signature campaign of protecting the Xiangjiang River.

After the launching ceremony, they handed out reusable shopping bags and brochures of Convention on Citizens' Civilization at communities and streets, urging local people to protect the Xiangjiang River by practical actions.