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Best Singer for 2017 Tongdao Dong Singing Festival to Be Selected

As of April 1, an audition called “I am the Best Singer”, selected for 2017 Tongdao Dong Dawuliang Singing Festival will be held in Huangdu Dong Cultural Village, Tongdao Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan.

The festival organization committee announced that the best singer will win a chance to stage at the Singing Festival which will be broadcasted on television.

Invitation letters have been given out to Dong people and enthusiasts for Dong-nationality songs living in Guangxi, Hunan, and Guizhou and other places across the globe.

Every year, the 18th day before the Beginning of Summer (solar term) in the Chinese lunar calendar is called “Dawu”. On the special occasion, young people living in the border areas of Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou dress up to attend a singing (in antiphonal style) festival on Dawuliang Mountain. After hundreds of years’ development, the festival has evolved into Dong people’s “Valentine's Day”. In 2006, it was listed as the intangible cultural heritage of Hunan Province.

The festival will kick off on April 16 and last for three days. Six major events will be arranged, including opening ceremony and gala performances, love song singing (in antiphonal style), intangible cultural heritage exhibition, Hunan-Guangxi-Guizhou folk song performances, and tourism promotion conference.

The festival aims to introduce Dong culture and contribute to the deep integration of the development of culture and tourism.