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Beijing’s new airport hope to open in 2019

Beijing’s new airport, also known as Beijing Daxing International Airport for now, is already in shape as the steel structure of its terminal buildings was completed. It is expected to start operating in 2019.

The new airport, located 46km south of Beijing’s city center in Daxing District, is being built to reduce pressure of over-crowded Beijing Capital Airport that lies 67km away. According to sources from Beijing Construction Engineering Group, the design of the terminal buildings will consist of a centerpiece and five arms resembling a phoenix spreading out its wings, with a total area of 313,000 square meters.

The new airport is designed to receive up to 72 million passengers and 2 million tons of cargo each year by 2025. It aims to reach up to 100 million passengers and 4 million tons of cargo a year after its expansion.