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Beihai Park Embraces Lotus Festival

Along with the Dragon Boat Festival, Lotus Festival at Beihai Park in Beijing also revealed its natural beauty to the public at 19th June. The 16th Lotus Festival in Beihai Park with the theme of Experiencing Dragon Boat Festival in the Loyal Garden lasts until late August.

As the best season for appreciating lotus, Beihai Park embraces various kinds of lotuses. Potted lotus and water lilies are among the most popular ones. Floating along the lake on a boat to view the expansive lotus scene is a lure that tourists in Beijing never want to miss.

Once a place where Emperors in Ming and Qing dynasties came to view the lotus scene each July when the flower is in full bloom, the park now holds a ritual intimating the emperor's outing for lotus watching.

Besides, customs and snacks of the Dragon Boat Festival are provided during the Lotus Festival, adding cultural flavor to the festival atmosphere.